Mezotherapy  – (face revitalization) – the newest method for rejuvenation of complexion on face, neck, décolletage and hands. It is suitable for men to support hair growth.

Types of treatment sera

(PPC (phosphatidyl choline 5% + sodium deoxycholate 2.5%) – Phosphatidyl choline is a great fat burner, used as an aid to lose weight. For cosmetic purposes it is limited to small local deposits of fat with patients of ideal figure or slight overweight. It is focused on body forming.

It is a transparent concentrate of hyaluronic acid which provides instant hydration of skin and creates preserving layer preventing dehydration and preserving from external effects. Further on it provides instant smoothness, flexibility and stimulates fibroblasts to renew collagen.

Serum that maximizes burning of fat deposits. It also has great anti-cellulite properties.

Eliminates a great deal of problems with extensive pigmentation, as chloasma, melasma, spots caused by contraception, or spots from pregnancy. It normalizes skin tone and gives her shining look.

The serum brings instant lifting effect of skin, shrinks fibroblasts and stimulates collagen creation. It results in lessening of wrinkles, improving skin firmness and increasing its flexibility.

Works against active acne through decreasing and regulation of sebum creation. It removes dead skin cells and bacteria. Moreover it activates creation of new collagen and elastin fibres, which regenerates atrophic scars or dimples resulting from acne It restores healthy skin tone.

Thanks to its great ability to metabolize deposited fat and produce energy, it is indicated to treat localized fat and cellulite. It eliminates free fatty acids, which helps dissolve the fat through lymphatic system. The result is significant: apparent volume decrease of treated parts (suitable to reduce double chin and loose skin on arms).

Stimulates creation of new hair follicles by supplying appropriate amount of elements that are needed for permanent hair growth. It stimulates blood circulation and fights against hair falling.