A unique medical equipment of new generation using a patented technology of Dermalinfusion for perfect and deep cleaning of complexion works on the principal of dermal abrasion and infusion of the solution into the complexion.

During the treatment natural diamonds cause exfoliation (peeling) of upper layer of dead complexion cells, which starts regenerative processes in the skin. At the same time special sera are applied, these penetrate deep in the skin. During the process cell reparatory functions are increased and damaged complexion layers are restored. Simultaneously younger cells from deeper complexion layers penetrated faster to its surface, thus the complexion becomes younger and more resistant. The treatment is absolutely painless and no anaesthetics are needed.

Original Bella Peel sera are focused on specific needs of complexion.

The machine was manufactured in EU with highest standards of quality for professional application in dermatologic centres. In the EU it has many satisfied customers ( third generation of the machine). Currently we can offer the high-quality and special services to you, for now as the only place in the Czech and Slovak Republic.


  • Acne treatment and reduction of small scars resulting from acne (suitable even for very young clients)
  • Deep cleaning of complexion – cleaning of clogged pores
  • Removal of pigment spots (including aging skin disorders)
  • Deep hydration of dry and damaged complexion, nutrition
  • Treatment of complexion damaged by sun, reverence from UV radiation
  • Rejuvenation of complexion – reduction of wrinkles
  • Psoriasis
  • Removal of rosacea – inflammatory skin disease